About WindyRidge

Larry Nelson began WindyRidge Design as a part-time venture in 1998 to develop software and a website for the church he was attending at the time. From that, he was asked to help another church with a persistent computer problem. Then a non-profit organization asked him to help it choose and install a new computer system, and upgrade its database.

“WindyRidge” comes from the name of the homestead that Larry and his family maintain. It was so named during the winter of 1985–86 when the new house was buffeted on several different occassions by blizzard-force winds. Many sleepless nights that winter, he lay in bed mentally checking and rechecking every nail and brace he had used in the house’s construction as the home shuddered in the frigid onslaught. He brings the same attention to detail to his current work.

Software Design Engineer

For over two decades, Larry designed large-scale computer simulation programs for testing mission-critcal DOD computer systems and for training purposes. Programs and training material that he designed are being used in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. He has extensive experience in working with and extending a variety of standardized text markup languages.

Entertainment cabinet

Junior High School Teacher

Larry’s first career after college was teaching math and science to junior high school students. He has an ability to explain technical concepts in ways that one doesn’t need a technical degree to understand. He is very willing to explain things two or three times in different ways if that is needed. He still loves teaching.

Cherry bed and nightstand


In his spare time, Larry enjoys furniture-building. He loves using native Minnesota hardwoods to create elegant, utilitarian pieces. Who knows, if you have the time to wait, you may be able to convince him to build you that custom furniture item you’ve always wanted.

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